Do you feel like people want to admit something but they donʼt about things they did or told? We call that a lie. In the book “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson, the main character named Melinda presented several lies that were told in her high school Merry Wheater High and we will criticize them with our opinions and experiences. Please donʼt be offended by these facts!

Lie no.1:

“We are here to help you” is the first lie we are going to discuss. We agree with this lie because sometimes school doesn’t help much the situation that we are in and it makes us more stressed about the problem. We do not have any experiences in this kind of situation. For example, if we had a situation going on at home, but we weren’t ready to tell anyone it would just increase the situation bigger and more stressful. Melinda wonʼt speak so it makes the situation harder to understand what’s her problem. We mean that school does help us when we need it on a specific subject that we donʼt understand example: we have amazing people who understand and helps us a lot like “Les T.E.S”, “Les Gardes du Cœur” and teachers. In the book, no one reached out to Melinda and asked if everything was going well at home. They tell us this lie because we wonʼt feel left out or if we have a problem at home, the teachers are always here for us.

Lie no.2:

“The dress code will be enforced” is the second lie. We agree and disagree with this second lie because we are in a private school, so we wear uniforms. In some schools, they wear clothes that are not appropriate for the school’s environment. They will have a bad reputation, but in a certain way it expresses who the students are. We also wear normal clothes when we have a special occasion like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even “Les journées couleurs”.  When it happens, we can really see, the others styles, but they do enforce the dress code like about cropped tops or inappropriate writing on shirts. In Melinda’s case, she can wear whatever she wants and her friend Rachel/Rachelle too. The Martha’s wear different clothes according to seasons.

Lie no.3:

“Your schedule was created with your needs in mind” is the third lie we will talk about. We agree with this lie because thereʼs some subjects in the schedule that is useless and we don’t need them for our mind. For example: history is a subject that we wonʼt use in the future and it’s a lot of information that we study for nothing. We wonʼt use those informations. Even for our future job if we are not a history teacher of course. In Melinda’s point of view, Spanish for her is pointless because the teacher wonʼt speak English. The lie told by the school, may be useless but it’s always good to learn and educate ourselves.

Lie no.4:

“Your locker combination is private” is the fourth lie we will talk about. We disagree with this one because we use the same lock as the students that used it before us. We donʼt think they remember their locker combinations because we donʼt remember which one of those identical black locks are ours. We never gave away our combination because of what could happen, you never know. The only one that knows my locker combination is my friend that uses the same locker as me. The supervisors have a special key that can open your locker if you forget your code. The school tells us this lie because other students could do something wrong, prank you or even exchange the locks.

Lie no.5:

“These will be the years you look back on fondly” is the finale lie we will talk about. We disagree with this fifth lie because itʼs hard sometimes to have good grades. If nothing goes well at school. For example, you get bullied, you did something embarrassing or something that you know nobody will forget, this person wonʼt look back fondly. But some of us will look back on fondly because of the great memories we’ve had at school, with friends or teachers. In Melinda’s case, she wonʼt because she gets bullied, nobody likes her and everyone is making fun of her. She has a hard time at school. School is basically telling this lie because they make us do activities to know each other better, that’s why we disagree with Melinda’s lie.


In conclusion, these lies are in Melinda’s mind set, from what she experienced. Some of them we agree and the other ones we disagree with our own experience. We criticized Melinda’s lies that she says are told in high school. Do you agree with us or Melinda?

Tell us about it.

Jessy Vu Dang

Defné Dermenci

Gr: 302