When you graduate from elementary school you have to get into a high school. If it is a public school you get in right away but if you want to go to private school you have to pass an entry exam. What they don’t tell you is that it is a lot harder than elementary. That is technically a lie it is just something that you didn’t know. And that brings us to the subject of this text, like you saw in the title we are talking about Lies about High School. The book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is inspiring this whole text because in the book the main character Melinda does not like school and always thinks that the school is lying to us when they make us do things like algebra class.

First off, let’s talk about homework. Homework is the biggest lie the schools have to give because we just finished learning stuff in school for 8 hours and then when we want to go home and watch a Netflix series, play video games or even take a nap. No, you can’t do those things because you have to do homework or study for a test or do a project. Teachers still  don’t understand that we have multiple classes but they always tell our parents that it should only take 15 minutes to complete all our homework. But they still don’t realize that if every single teacher gave us homework it will take more than 2 hours because not everyone is extremely smart and understands the homework right away. I sort of understand why we have to do homework so that when we come home from learning something you can practice it by doing homework but I still don’t agree with it.

Next let’s talk about the locker rules. The school says that your locker is private and confidential and that they won’t look through it but all the hall monitor have keys and, just one key can open any lock in the whole school. For example if a student forgets their code they need someone they have to ask a hall monitor because they have a key that opens every locker in the school so it isn’t that private. This one time I was coming back from second  period in sec 2, I was hungry and was finally going to eat my lunch but when I opened my locker two random pairs of school shoes fell out I was so confused because I was pretty sure I was wearing my school shoes. And then I realized that the hall monitor probably saw some random shoes that were left in front of my locker and thought they belong to me. Don’t get me wrong it is really smart to have a key that opens every single lock belonged. Can you imagine how many people have forgotten their combination code and need the hall monitor to open their locker for them?

Now the time we have to get to our next class. Usually when there is no Covid 19 we have 10 minutes to leave our first classroom, go to our locker, put away our books from the previous class, get our things for the next class we have and then we have around 3 minutes left to go  to the classroom which is on the third floor. So sometimes we have to run or speed walk but then one of the hall monitor tell us that it isn’t good to run in the hallway and to come back and walk slowly this time. After that you can make it just in time or the teacher closes the door and then she opens it and say: “Sorry but your late now go get late ticket”. I feel like they should at least give us around 15 to 20 minutes so we all can make it in time and I would also like to use that time so that I can talk to my friends a little bit before class starts. I know that the school doesn’t want us to stay at school till 5 o’ clock at night so they make it 10 minutes so they can get class started as fast as they can.

Math class is one lie I still don’t understand. I understand that learning how to count add, subtract, multiple and divide is important for everyday life. like checking if you have enough cash to buy that extra box of cookies for your self when your parents send you to the store to get the groceries. But learning how to do algebra or geometry is not important for my everyday life. I understand if you want to be an accountant or an engineer you need statistics, geometry and algebra. So go into enriched math where everything is 5 times harder but I think they  should be teaching us how to do our taxes and/ or other things that I can’t think of right now. Because later on when I am an adult with a job, a house, a girlfriend or wife or maybe even kids I need to know how to do my taxes so I can take care of my credit card bills, electricity and water bills so that we don’t get backed up on unpaid bills and credit card debt. And I know you are probably thinking “ Hey Christopher knows a lot about taxes and bills” but the truth is I   don’t know anything at all this paying bills stuff is just something that I hear when my parents  are paying the bills. I understand that it good to learn this stuff like algebra for the future but we should do a little bit less algebra and more learning how to do taxes.

This new extra long lunch period was supposed to be so that more people would go remediation during the lunch hour and you don’t have to rush while eating your lunch. Since this new COVID 19 virus we haven’t been able to do that because teachers aren’t doing any remediations during the lunch so now we have an extra long lunch for no reason. Now your thinking “ you we’re just complaining about not having enough time to talk to them” but no because it is too much time and now we have to stay at school for an extra 30 minutes when I could be at home finishing my homework and not taking a nap. And what is worse is when we’re at home because we have 1 hour and 30 minutes to eat lunch but it takes no longer than 10 to 20 minutes eat and then you have nothing to do in till class starts again. So I feel that online lunch could be at least 30 minutes so then we can finish 1 whole hour earlier at 2:15 which I find way better. I 100% agree with the longer lunch so that we can go to remediation because I have to go to remediation to bring my French grades up and it helps a lot.

Finally, I am finished complaining about the school and the way they do things. That is the full list of lies that I do not agree with. Oh and if you want to, at your next meeting with the  principal and the rest of the school staff if you even have those meetings feel free to take my suggestions about things to change. If the principal likes them you do not have to give me any credit, you can keep the credit for yourself. And it feels good to take all the credit because in the end it makes you feel really smart take my word for it I have done it before and it feels good. And then I listen to this song here is the link https://open.spotify.com/track/ 5haXbSJqjjM0TCJ5XkfEaC?si=4jcmYDRWSEuR7Wtn2Gdj7g Thanks for reading.

Christopher James Reda                                                                    

Davide Martorano

Gr: 302