Dear Girl,

Keep that arm raised high,

You have something smart to say!

Sometimes you may feel like being pink and sparkly.

Sometimes you may feel pretty much the opposite.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

Say thank you to something that makes you YOU!

(Thank you freckles, thank you birthmark, thank you red hair)

Sometimes you need a good cry.

Sometimes you’ll need a friend.

Sometimes you’ll need to be alone.

Sometimes you’ll need a tissue.

Sometimes you’ll need a bucket.

Do you know that there is no such thing as asking too many questions?

Write down your thoughts once in a while,

Even if it’s just to enjoy the way your pen feels against the paper.

Make your room awesome, make your room YOU!

Don’t ever lose your sense of wonder.

Sometimes you just gotta stop… and dance!

Find people like you, find people unlike you!

Create traditions: fun crazy handshakes and silly inside jokes.

If your instinct is telling you NO…

say NO, you know?

Coloring outside the lines is cool too.

There are no rules about what to wear, or how to cut your hair.

Listen to your brave side.

You won’t be invited to every single party on the planet.

Which is really ok, can you imagine how exhausting that would be?

A tree truck is the perfect place for a thought to be thunk.

Whenever you need an encouraging boost,

remember you can turn to any

line in this poem.

Most of all dear girl, who I love…

You can turn to me