Dear Boy,

Believe in yourself,

before others can believe in you!

It’s ok if you are not the boy who runs the fastest,

just give it your all.

Play your favourite sport,

and be a good sport while you are at it.

Make friends with girls;

believe it or not girls are awesome!

It’s ok to not know, you know?

When you are alone with your thoughts,

 you are never alone.

Yes, means yes!

Anything else means NO!

Feeling cloudy?

It’s ok to let the rain fall.

Know when to get dirty and when to clean up.

Find friends who are like you,

Finds friends who are unlike you.

Sometimes you may feel like playing with trucks

Sometimes you may feel like playing with dolls.

And other times you may feel like playing with both.

Note to self: playing an instrument is a beautiful thing!

Honesty is one thing that will never lead you down the wrong road.

If you need one more reminder to pursue your dreams, here it is:


If you can imagine it, if you can see it, you can be it!

Whenever you need an encouraging boost,

remember you can turn to any line in this poem.

Most of all dear boy, who I love…

you can turn to me!